June 7, 2023
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If you want to buy a stereo, you can consider this 10-year-old mobile phone! Blogger’s actual test: Vivo Xplay3S is used as a Bluetooth speaker, the sound quality is amazing! – Urban Tech Story Version

A few days ago, the camping wagon of technology blogger “Uncle Palm” released the vivo Xplay3S, which is used as a Bluetooth speaker.The sound quality is top notch.

Vivo Xplay3S is vivo inFlagship phone launched in 2013 with one of the best audio performances at the time

Specifically, vivo Xplay3S cooperates with DTS and is equipped with DTS Headphone X cinema sound field system. The most obvious feeling is the strong sense of presence and surround, which is especially suitable for enjoying big scenes of war or action movies.

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At the same time, vivo Xplay3S was equipped with ES9018, the world’s strongest DAC decoding chip at that time, and the signal-to-noise ratio reached 127dB. If you compare it horizontally, the signal-to-noise ratio of Xplay before was 104dB, X3 was 106 dB, and vivo Xplay3S was 112 dB. The improvement effect is very good. obvious.

In addition, the driving force of vivo Xplay3S has been greatly improved. The impedance of a general professional player is 600Ω, while the impedance of vivo Xplay3S extreme drive has reached an astonishing 1300Ω.

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It is worth noting that other configurations of vivo Xplay3S include 2K screen, Qualcomm 8974AB processor, 3GB RAM, Funtouch OS operating system and so on.

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