June 4, 2023
Lenovo launches Legion Phone Duel 2 in Taiwan 3

If you don’t save the “savior”, Lenovo confirms the abolition of the e-sports mobile phone product line | Urban Tech Story

If you don’t save the “savior”, Lenovo confirms the abolition of the e-sports mobile phone product line

There have been rumors that Lenovo’s e-sports sub-brand “Rescuer” (the international version is Legion) has been abolished, and it has finally been officially confirmed.

“Lenovo will stop Android-based savior e-sports phones,” a Lenovo spokesperson confirmed the company’s decision to foreign media, and will no longer launch e-sports phones under the consideration of business transformation and re-merger of game product portfolios.

A few days ago, Lenovo employees broke the news on Weibo, claiming that the company abolished the Savior brand, while retaining the Motorola product line, and now the rumor that it will no longer launch e-sports mobile phones has been officially confirmed. On the other hand, Xiaomi’s Black Shark mobile phone also reported poor management at the beginning of this year, with substantial layoffs and salary arrears. It may lose another brand in the fiercely competitive e-sports market.

Lenovo’s last e-sports phone introduced to the Taiwan market was the Legion Phone Duel 2 in 2021. It mainly adopts a mid-mounted architecture, which means that the processor is placed in the center of the fuselage, and the battery is moved to both ends of the phone. With dual turbo fans, The heat dissipation configuration of the independent air duct and the temperature chamber ensures that the body is not overheated and helps the processor to give full play to its performance. Lenovo still launched the savior Y90 and Y70 in China, the main market, in the next year. The sales performance was not satisfactory, not as good as ASUS ROG and Nubia Red Devils.

E-sports mobile phones feature high performance, strong heat dissipation, and excellent sound and light performance. They are specially designed for mobile game players. Although there are huge mobile game players in the world, e-sports mobile phones still belong to a niche market. Lenovo, which could not compete with competitors, was eventually cut off Own mobile phone brand.

(Source of the first image: Lenovo)

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