March 29, 2023
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If People’s Bank Is Stolen, Call 997 Immediately! NSRC Will Help Victims Freeze Funds, Or Have a Chance to Recover Stolen Money TechNave

As online fraud cases continue to rise, MalaysiaFraud Response Centre (NSRC) Hotline (997)It is officially put into operation!It is reported that the operating hours of the NSRC hotline are:Daily from 8am to 8pmIf you are unfortunate enough to encounter a fraud, the reporter can provide details to the National Fraud Response Center hotline, and the amount stolen unfortunately has a chance to be “recovered”.

When making money calls, the reporter must prepare evidence, information, phone numbers and transaction details, such as:

  • phone number and method of communication (phone, WhatsApp or SMS);
  • the date and time the call was received;
  • bank account and bank account holder information;
  • Transaction time, date and amount.

The whistleblower provides details to the National Fraud Response Center hotline, and the unfortunately stolen amount has a chance to be “recovered”. Of course, in addition to the above hotline number (997), the public can also directly contact their respective bank lines (open 24 hours).

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The NSRC is an investigative team comprising commissioners from the National Financial Crime Centre (NFCC), Royal Police (PDRM), National Bank (BNM), Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), banking institutions and telecommunications companies.

According to the statement issued by National Consumer Friendly Organization Chairman Datuk Seri Zhong Cicai, the authorities will comprehensively investigate every victim’s report. Even though the bank account has been stolen, the group can immediately contact the bank to conduct an investigation.

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