March 25, 2023
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Idea Launcher Incubation Program to Realize Startup Dreams Provide Seed Funding Cloud Resources and Training Opportunities- Hong Kong

AWS has recently cooperated with Hong Kong Science and Technology Park to launch the startup incubation project Idea Launcher. Participation is free of charge, and selected startups can receive a seed fund of up to HK$100,000, cloud points of up to US$25,000, and training courses designed for startups. Enterprises provide further assistance and support.

Provide precious resources and opportunities for start-ups

It is not easy to establish a start-up. Both money and technical support are resources that early start-ups urgently need to raise. In view of this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Science Park Corporation announced earlier the launch of the cooperation project Idea Launcher, which will become the first joint incubation project with commercial enterprises in the Science Park Corporation’s IDEATION start-up support program. Further assist start-ups to realize their dreams and embark on the road to success more easily.

As an incubation program, Idea Launcher will provide selected start-ups with six-month start-up technology training and business consulting, so that early start-ups can obtain professional advice, evaluate capabilities and project feasibility to improve plans and consolidate ideas. In addition to the program itself being free of charge, the selected start-ups will also have the opportunity to receive up to HK$100,000 in seed funding and incubation training support from the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation to further promote the development of start-ups.

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Selected start-ups will be able to take advantage of the “AWS Activate” start-up support plan. Experts from AWS will be present, especially for start-ups applying cloud technology. It is quite attractive to provide personal guidance and support during office hours. Coupled with tailor-made training courses and workshops, participants can lay a solid foundation for business and cloud applications at the beginning, and will be more handy in future development. And AWS will also provide up to 25,000 US dollars of AWS cloud resources to reduce the burden of expenses for start-ups.

Start-ups of all stages are welcome

Unlike other incubation programs with strict requirements, the registration qualifications for Idea Launcher are quite loose. Even start-ups in the early development stage, or even start-ups with no formal plans and only preliminary concepts can apply.

Idea Launcher will register the selected start-ups in February next year, and start a half-year training program in March. After the completion of the program, start-ups will have the opportunity to continue to participate in the incubation program of the science and technology park companies, as well as connect with other entrepreneurs and customers of the AWS Start-up Program to explore more development opportunities.

Registration Details

The program will start accepting applications from now until 11:59 pm on December 20th. Startups or entrepreneurs who intend to apply for the program can register through the link below before the deadline.It is worth noting that applicants need to fill in the project introduction and attach the pitch deck PDF download link. For details and forms, please refer toOfficial websiteif you have a good idea in your mind and want to realize it, this opportunity is not to be missed!

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