March 29, 2023
dell 2144351 1280

IDC: The price decline of laptop and monitor LCD panel prices will continue to converge in October 2022 | Urban Tech Story

dell 2144351 1280

According to the latest Worldwide Large Panel Monthly Module Price Tracker released by IDC’s global professional foundry and display industry research team, the supply and demand of notebook computer and monitor LCD panels will continue to be loose in October 2022. However, thanks to the change in the production strategy of panel makers and the increase in the price of TV panels in the fourth quarter, the decline of LCD panels for notebook computers and monitors will be more restrained than the decline in September.

Chen Jianzhu, a senior research analyst at IDC, pointed out that large-size display panel factories will also maintain production cuts in the fourth quarter and switch to producing super-large TV panels, which will affect the short-term supply and demand situation, thereby driving up TV panel prices. This change in production strategy will indirectly affect the prices of liquid crystal display panels for notebook computers and monitors. It is expected that the decline in panel prices in October will be narrower than that in September.

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