June 6, 2023
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Huawei fades out of the market?Agents: Adjust channel strategy | Urban Tech Story

Huawei fades out of the market?Agents: adjust channel strategy

Xunwei Technology, the general agent of Huawei Technology in Taiwan, launched five new products in Taiwan today, namely WATCH Buds, WATCH Ultimate, WATCH GT Cyber, FreeBuds 5, and 4G CPE 3 router. However, in February this year, Xunwei shut down two customer service centers in one go. The outside world can’t help but speculate that the Huawei brand may fade out of the Taiwan market.

In this regard, Yong Hai, the general manager of Xunwei Technology, the general agent of Huawei Technology in Taiwan, explained that the reason for closing the customer service center is to adjust the channel strategy in Taiwan; the Huawei brand has experienced some difficulties in the Taiwan market in the past few years, but the overall business has grown. Bottom up trend.

Although Huawei mobile phones are no longer available in most channels in Taiwan, Huawei continues to launch 4G mobile phones in other markets. At present, Taiwanese telecom users still mainly use 4G. Therefore, I am quite curious whether Huawei will reconsider introducing 4G mobile phones in Taiwan? Yong Hai said that this is impossible.

Yong Hai further explained that Taiwan’s mobile phone market is dominated by telecom operators, and now Taiwanese telecom operators prefer 5G mobile phone products, so it is impossible for Huawei to sell 4G mobile phones in Taiwan. It is also impossible to sell through other channels (such as e-commerce, brand stores, etc.), because the volume in Taiwan is too small.

Although Huawei mobile phones cannot be sold in Taiwan, the sales performance of other products is still very impressive. Yong Hai pointed out that looking back at the terminal business sales in Taiwan last year, the sales of notebooks increased by 45%, the sales of tablets increased by 100%, and the sales of wearable/earphone products increased by 25%. This also shows that Taiwanese consumers have increased their acceptance of Hongmeng system products.

(Source of the first picture: Science and Technology News)

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