June 4, 2023
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How to strengthen organizational resilience? BSI believes that the key is to create a digital trust and sustainable environment

As the security perimeter continues to change, all organizations must transform into “resilient” organizations. After experiencing the impact of the epidemic, Pu Shusheng, general manager of BSI Northeast Asia, pointed out that there will be more than 5.6 billion fraudulent text messages in 2021, and each person will receive two text messages within three days on average; It has risen sharply. If you look at the top three national fraud cases, there are 5,626 cases of fake online auction frauds, 4,891 cases of investment frauds, and 4,281 cases of ATM and online banking frauds that cancel installment frauds. The most special is investment Fraud has caused property losses of up to 2.06484 billion yuan for the people of Taiwan, and the amount of property losses is a record high. Rampant fraud also means that “trust” has become a rare asset. Pu Shusheng said that digital trust is the biggest challenge facing Taiwanese society, and if digital trust can be combined with ESG, it can build organizational resilience. “This is not just a pressure for corporate transformation. , can also be a huge business opportunity,” he said.

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