June 9, 2023
tu 1 gao da yu

How to be a good chief security officer?Yongfeng Bank’s information security long reveals 4 essential skills

How to be a qualified Chief Information Security Officer is a challenge faced by many senior executives in recent years. Gao Dayu, Deputy General Manager of the Information Security Division of SinoPac Bank, shared his first-hand experience, pointing out the investment security chief’s knowledge of people, the 4 essential skills, and the information security chief’s practical suggestions for implementing corporate information security, such as how to strengthen the three ways of information security The 3 Golden Rules of Defense and Investigating Cybercrime. Taking stock of the career profile of the information security chief, CISOs with different professional backgrounds began to appear Gao Dayu’s identity is very special. He has been a cyber crime policeman for 20 years, specializing in information security hacker investigations, and later taught at the Police University for 7 and a half years. Entered the financial industry as an information security supervisor, in charge of information security matters. He is also the vice president of the Taiwan Information Security Supervisory Alliance, helping to promote information security exchanges between various industries and the financial industry to improve the overall information security protection capabilities.

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