May 28, 2023

How is the “Full Scene AI” promoted by Zhou Hongyi?

“If you can’t use GPT, you will be eliminated.”

“In three to five years, various industries will be reshaped by GPT.”

“If GPT4 is 100 points, many domestic models are only 60-70 points, which is still far from being excellent.”

Recently, Zhou Hongyi seems to have become the spokesperson of GPT. While frequently expressing his strong interest in general artificial intelligence technology to the outside world, he also introduced his company’s “full scene AI” to the outside world on different occasions – “360 Smart Brain” and ” 360 Grand”, which is regarded as “ChatGPT” and “Dall·E” under 360.

Of course, just before the two products of “360 Zhinao” and “360 Hongtu”, domestic companies including Baidu, Alibaba, HKUST Xunfei and other companies have demonstrated their respective AI large-scale model technologies and products. When the “Hundred Models War” in China is on the verge of breaking out,What is the “actual combat” effect of the AI ​​large-scale model product launched by 360, which takes Internet security as its core business?

“360 Smart Brain”:Not necessarily a standard answer,But it must be “rather deficient than excessive”

“360 Intellectual Brain” is currently presented in the web version, and after logging in to the account, the familiar interface will be greeted. That’s right, like other large domestic models, the homepage of 360 Smart Brain is also a very simple chat page similar to ChatGPT. No matter whether you have used other types of AI products before, this interface will let you get started and experience quickly.


The biggest advantage of the chat interface is that it allows most users to interact and communicate with the AI ​​system through a more intuitive dialogue state. This form of simulating real human dialogue has affinity both on the PC side and the mobile side. Moreover, “360 Smart Brain” provides users with “like” or “dislike” buttons. When you are satisfied or dissatisfied with the answer given by AI, you can give feedback and help improve the performance of the language model by clicking. But the difference is that,“360 Smart Brain” can also enable the search function when answering, which is equivalent to adding a real-time search function plug-in to achieve better answer results.


logical analysis

When I first got started, I put forward a logic quiz that would give AI a “headache”, and I wanted to see its answer, because this question has actually been overturned on ChatGPT, so I have doubts about the answer of “360 Smart Brain”. something to look forward to.


Obviously, the “360 Smart Brain” is not a problem for this problem that has caused ChatGPT a “headache”. At this time, I tried another classic question to test the “360 Brain” to see if it could respond.


This answer can be said to be very rigorous. “360 Smart Brain” can understand the core of my question, so the answer given can not only answer my doubts, but also point out that the question should be rigorous.

content creation

Next, I plan to try this AI’s understanding and application of traditional Chinese culture. For example, when I asked the meaning of the sentence “Since ancient times, there have been many disasters for beauties, and they will be heartbroken before reaching the end of the world”. gave a satisfactory answer.


In addition to this small problem around literature, I am more curious about whether such tools are useful in helping humans solve problems encountered in practical work. For example, I tried to let AI help me write a piece of homework that I was least good at in elementary school—— Movie aftertaste.


I also asked ChatGPT this question before. It seems that ChatGPT is more like a complete content, but in fact, when you watch the movie “The Wandering Earth”, you will find that ChatGPT keeps making up content, while “360 Smart “Brain” is described correctly according to the plot. If you hand in your homework without changing a word, I am afraid that you will be punished by the teacher when you use ChatGPT. Obviously, “360 Smart Brain” is more rigorous in answering.

Another example is the following. As a reporter, if I want to interview the famous writer Mo Yan, please help me list 8 interview questions, and the answers given by “360 Zhinao” are also very rich and in-depth.


Or pop music that I am particularly interested in, I tried to make “360 Smart Brain” write a rap with the theme of love, and the lyrics should include “black plum sauce”, but I didn’t expect its answer to be quite rhythmic.


Moreover, it can also adjust the content of the lyrics to English, which is very easy to achieve.


Of course, the ethical and moral concepts about AI are also in the scope of my test, and the overall performance of “360 Smart Brain” seems to be very “human”.


By the way, there is also the ability to imitate. When I let “360 Zhinao” imitate Lu Xun’s tone to describe the meaning of food being unpalatable, its description is also very interesting.


so far,The answer of “360 Smart Brain” is accurate and humane. Although the current answer may not appear to be very wise, it will not make random associations or give non-existent facts about the problem at length.This seems to be a double-edged sword, because it may cause users to not get the answers they want, but once AI is really used in many productivity-related scenarios, this kind of “rather shortage than excess” attitude must be present, after all At this stage, even the powerful GPT4 is not omniscient.

Vincent diagram

Yiwenshengtu is realized by combining “360 Intellectual Brain” and “360 Hongtu”. This multi-modal capability allows users to get more intuitive answers in chat conversations.

As long as you input commands, you can directly let “360 Smart Brain” generate the desired pictures. I also tested some conceptual pictures that are easy to overturn when I think of them in my mind. I didn’t expect the answers to be all the same. For example, the following There is no ambiguous association between donkey meat and claypot rice, which to a certain extent reflects the accuracy of “360 Zhinao” and “360 Hongtu” in understanding Chinese semantics.



In my two or three days of chatting and dialogue attempts with “360 Zhinao”, it feels that it has also undergone strict HHH structure training-that is, helpful (Helpful), honest (Honest) and harmless (Harmless). And at present, “360 Zhinao” has reached a certain level of understanding of Chinese content, and can help users in aspects such as news interviews and content services.

“360 Vision”:New tools for inspiration creators

Compared with the Yiwen Shengtu function in “360 Smart Brain”, “360 Grand Picture”, which focuses on AI painting, may be more addictive. The main interface design after opening is also very clean and simple. The leftmost part includes prompts Word input box, theme style selection, aspect ratio selection, reference picture and other functions, the right side is the AI ​​generated picture area.

The method of use is very simple. Enter your keywords in the prompt word dialog box, and the system will generate the target content. I tried a famous line from Tang poetry, Li Bai’s “Thinking of a Quiet Night”, “Looking up at the bright moon, bowing my head and thinking about my hometown”, I didn’t expect “360 Hongtu” to be a good answer, but the answer was not so appropriate.


I also tried baby dishes and egg-filled biscuits, two painting materials that are often overturned. Unexpectedly, the understanding of “360 Grand Picture” is very accurate. The content generated by the screen fully meets my requirements, and I have to say that it is indeed very practical.


By the way, in addition to keywords, you can also find some reference pictures to “feed” to “360 Grand Picture”, so that it can generate pictures according to more specific requirements, so as to produce better drawing results. For example, when I feed AI a ” The promotional image of Cyberpunk 2077, try to make it generate the cat and dog pictures I want, the result is that it understands what I mean, replaces the characters with cats and dogs, and the picture details are also very rich.


From the actual use point of view, the advantage of “360 Hongtu” is that it has a good understanding of sentences and can generate pictures according to user needs. This can bring some creativity and inspiration to some artists and enthusiasts, and it can also facilitate ordinary users to get started quickly.

At present, there are only four theme styles of “360 Hongtu”, but this is just the beginning of its appearance. Compared with other platform products, the basic technology is not weak. As long as the product functions and user experience can be continuously improved, I believe it will give more Many people bring surprises.

Search for “Hundred Models Battle”

In the past ten years of search competition, 360 has firmly occupied the second domestic search market share through browsers, and has also allowed 360 to accumulate a large enough corpus for model training.

Today, the wave of domestic technology set off by AI large models gives 360 a chance to show itself again, and it also gives users another choice. Judging from the current experience, “360 Zhinao” and “360 Hongtu” perform well in terms of cognition, logic and reasoning ability. With the help of years of security control and management of data and information, the two products may be able to serve many people. B-end users bring value.


As Zhou Hongyi said at the Seventh World Intelligence Conference not long ago: “China must adhere to long-termism in making its own large-scale model.” In his view, the success of OpenAI has pointed out the technical direction, and Chinese technology companies are in the process of productization. , Scenario and commercialization have great advantages. Although there is still a gap of 2-3 years between domestic and overseas, after finding the direction, the pace of domestic enterprises is accelerating, which is a golden opportunity for 360.

In the increasingly fierce “Hundred Models War”, “360 Zhinao” and “360 Hongtu” may be trying to take this high-altitude tightrope well. This kind of opportunity is once in a lifetime and attracts the attention of more B-end users. In this regard, Zhou Hongyi’s judgment is:

“Artificial intelligence is a really big application scenario. We will make a real incremental market. The incremental market is often not necessarily on the Internet, but the GPT of the industry, the GPT of the enterprise, the GPT of the city, or even the exclusive GPT. As long as everyone All eyes are on the incremental market, and this kind of competition is benign.”

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