June 4, 2023
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How easy is it to find ‘watches’ in a haystack?But he found the Apple Watch | TechNews TechNews

How easy is it to find 'watches' in a haystack? But he found the Apple Watch

“Looking for a needle in a haystack” is often used as a metaphor for things that are difficult to find or do. So what about finding your lost Apple Watch in the vast sea?

According to foreign media “G1” reports, a teacher named Jefferson Rocha lost his Apple Watch in the sea during a sailing trip in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and he successfully retrieved it through Apple’s “Find” function his Apple Watch.

Rocha pointed out that his Apple Watch accidentally fell off while he was swimming in the sea. Although he tried to retrieve his Apple Watch, it was impossible in the sea. He said that although his Apple Watch (no model number mentioned) has GPS capabilities and is somewhat water resistant, he did not expect the Apple Watch to be so water resistant.

Rocha said that when he found that he could not find the Apple Watch, he went back to the sailboat and turned on the “find” function, hoping to find the Apple Watch in the sea through this function; but not long after the tracking, the system showed that the Apple Watch Disappeared, Rocha thought at the time, this Apple Watch should be “dead.”

But what Rocha didn’t expect was that he received a “find” notification from the Apple Watch the next day, showing that the Apple Watch had been turned on again; then he enabled the lost function and entered some of his contact information into the system, so that someone can contact him. What surprised him the most was that a 16-year-old girl later sent him a message via Instagram, saying that she had found the Apple Watch for him.

Rocha’s watch was discovered by Benoni Antônio Filho, a 50-year-old diver whose job it is to take care of this coral park, collect lost items underwater and try to return them to their original owners.

Filho said that when he picked up the Apple Watch, he didn’t have any expectations about whether the watch could still work normally, but because Filho’s daughter also has an Apple Watch, he tried to put the Apple Watch on the charger wait. Then this Apple Watch jumped out of the “Looking for” message.

Filho decided to put his 16-year-old daughter in charge of the Apple Watch return process because he wanted her to learn to be honest.

But the most surprising thing about this whole thing is the water resistance of this Apple Watch. Since the Apple Watch Series 2 model, every Apple Watch has been waterproof; however, according to official data, Apple Watch has a water resistance level of 50 meters according to the ISO 22810:2010 standard; Apple Watch Ultra has ISO 22810: 2010 standard 100-meter water resistance level and complies with EN13319 standard.

Official information also shows that Apple Watch Series 2 and subsequent models can be used for shallow water activities such as swimming in a pool or sea, but except for Apple Watch Ultra, other models should not be used for diving, water skiing, or other Activities that involve submersion in deep water or high-velocity currents.

(First image source: Apple)

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