June 7, 2023
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How does e-commerce leader Momo manage its people and goods yard?The boss reveals the key mentality of data-driven operations

How much is the promotion cost of buying shampoo and getting an extra bottle of shampoo? Not only the cost of gifts, but also the cost of cartons and freight, and even the opportunity cost of using an extra empty box, which affects logistics efficiency. This is a routine challenge that Momo, the leading e-commerce company in Taiwan, uses data to analyze its operations every day. Not only the cost of goods, but also data must be used to consider the impact of more operational dimensions. Yuanhong Gu, general manager of Momo, mentioned at a recent event that the retail business is no longer limited to discussing people, goods, and venues, but also data, especially the last item is the most important. “Data is the key to empowering people and warehouse operations.” He went on to explain how Momo uses data analysis to strengthen the operation process of people, goods and factories, improve consumer experience and save costs.

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