June 9, 2023
HONOR X9a 5G新机官宣!搭载硬核OLED曲面屏,即将来马发布!

HONOR X9a 5G new machine officially announced! Equipped with a hardcore OLED curved screen, it will be released in Malaysia soon! – Urban Tech Story Version

HONOR Malaysia officially announced today that a new mobile phone – HONOR X9a 5G is coming to Malaysia. This is also HONOR’s next-generation X-series to Malaysia following the launch of the X-series earlier this year.

As early as September this year, HONOR has confirmed that Malaysia will introduce this phone, and now officially announced the product name “HONOR X9a 5G”.

According to known information, HONOR X9a 5G focuses on “hard-core OLED curved screen”. Through hard work on software and hardware, it can solve the pain points such as false touch and fragility that curved screen users worry about to the greatest extent. Through the AI ​​anti-mistouch algorithm, even if the hand accidentally touches the edge of the screen, the screen will not respond to this area, which greatly reduces misuse.

In terms of solving the problem of durability of the curved screen, HONOR X9a 5G adopts a 0.65mm deep double-strengthened glass screen cover, which has stronger drop resistance, and passed 33 kinds of rigorous tests such as marble and simulated concrete floor drops, and the hardcore quality trustworthy.

According to the official, HONOR X9a 5G will continue the high-quality and cost-effective genes of the series, and provide better choices for Malaysian consumers.For more latest news about HONOR X9a 5G, please pay attentionHONOR official websiteor trackHONOR Malaysia Official Facebook

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