March 24, 2023
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Hong Kong wants to “stand against the water” to become an international innovation and technology center Sun Dong: I&T does not “burn money” – Hong Kong

Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, said in a radio interview on Sunday (23rd) that Hong Kong has only had the opportunity to develop the innovation and technology industry in recent years, describing it as a “backward fight” to develop Hong Kong into an international innovation and technology center. He believes that in the past, the government did not invest much in the innovation and technology industry. The previous government, for example, invested 150 billion yuan mainly for infrastructure construction rather than scientific research. Therefore, the development of the innovation and technology industry does not have the problem of “burning money”.

Regarding the government’s “Policy Address” target to introduce no less than 100 potential or representative innovation and technology enterprises after five years, including at least 20 leading companies, Sun Dong described the government’s approach to some enterprises as “the king has a dream”. , the goddess has a heart.” It is hoped that the company’s order will be put into production within 2 to 3 years after it arrives in Hong Kong, but providing enough land for the company is the most difficult issue.

In addition, the “Policy Address” also provides a number of measures to revitalize the local economy. Among them, the “Reindustrialization Subsidy Scheme” will increase the number of smart production lines from the current 30 to 130 within 5 years. 10 production lines will be funded with a subsidy of more than 150 million yuan, and the number of subsidized talents will be increased from 4 to 40, and a maximum of 50 million yuan can be obtained.

The government has also invested 10 billion yuan to set up the “Industry-University-Research 1+ Program”, which will subsidize at least 100 scientific research teams for their products. Sun Dong said that he will cooperate with universities to select and discuss the commercialization experience, market value and attractiveness of the participating teams. Funding capacity is the selection criterion. He described the Hong Kong scientific research team as having the ability to break through “from zero to one”, but due to the lack of clear government policies in the past, the team still has a lot of room for development in the commercialization of “from one to N”.

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