May 28, 2023
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Hong Kong uses Safari to suddenly switch to Tencent certified website security and change the region to a foreign country to crack it- Hong Kong

The Facebook group “Frontline Technicians” posted on Friday (30th) that some netizens found that users who set the MacBook region to Hong Kong and updated to MacOS 13 could not use Safari to load the website https://www.gitlab .com/. After the investigation, it was found that because Apple authenticated the website with Tencent, and Tencent believed that gitlab was a phishing website, it blocked gitlab on the grounds of network security risks.

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Internet media Shimai Media commented that it seems that Apple has just switched to the Tencent certification website in the new iOS 16.2. According to MacRumor’s previous reports, only China uses Tencent, and the old version does not show Hong Kong as the region that provides services.

According to the content of Tencent’s security website, the interception standard for phishing fraud is to defraud users’ personal account numbers, passwords, bank card information or induce users to conduct online or real transactions by counterfeiting well-known official websites. And the judgment standard is a website that has not been approved by Tencent and has no cooperative relationship with Tencent. In the name of Tencent (using the copyright of Shengxun, the logo of Tencent’s products, Tencent’s news tips, etc.), it releases news or Websites that counterfeit Tencent products require users to enter QQ and Huixin account passwords to steal users’ QQ accounts, game accounts, online wallet accounts, etc.

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Some netizens commented that “Apple can’t be trusted, I will go back to Chrome if nothing happens”, “Apple has become a left-handed garbage company, if you want to use MacOS, you must not use Safari.” Another netizen said that there is no problem after changing the region to another place, saying, “Yes, I changed to Singapore and returned immediately.”


Image Source:Facebook Group “Frontline Technicians”

source:Facebook Group “Frontline Technicians” Mewe Page :

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