March 30, 2023
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Hon Hai Technology Day showcases technologies such as electric vehicles, semiconductors, AI, etc., revealing the results of industry-academia research on low-orbit satellites for the first time

Hon Hai held a Technology Day today. In addition to releasing two new electric vehicles to expand its EV market layout, the Hon Hai Research Institute also showcased its research results in AI, semiconductors, quantum computing and other technologies. Due to the rise of non-terrestrial communication technology, it is a low-orbit satellite developed in cooperation with the Central University, the National Space Center of the National Academy of Sciences and other industries and universities. Wu Renming, director of the New Generation Communication Research Institute of Hon Hai Research Institute, said that in the past, the development of communication technology mostly emphasized speed, but after the speed is increased to a certain level, the new type of communication will develop towards a new trend in the future, with high coverage, high reliability, high The number of connections and low-latency communication can support new types of applications, including satellite communication, smart car networking, metaverse, digital twin, tactile Internet, etc.

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