March 25, 2023
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HKTxCisco Meraki One-Stop Management Solution Flexible SD-WAN Service Helps Retailers Respond Quickly to the Market

all-roundManaged ServicesExpand your business easier and faster

In the past, the retail industry has digitally transformed its IT systems to the cloud. Managing these networks, devices and applications requires a lot of IT and human resources. In addition to the frequent occurrence of cyber attacks in recent years, consumers are increasingly concerned about privacy and cyber security when shopping. No reduction. Therefore, the retail industry needs to look for a one-stop hosting service with first-class network management, transparency, security and reliability, and support for various network connections, to assist enterprises in rapid deployment and meet business expansion needs.


In view of this, Hong Kong Telecom ( HKT ) has offered a monthly fee in response to the increasingly complex network management needs and the shortage of IT talents.launched SD-WAN and Enterprise Managed Services (EMS) services to help enterprises easily deploy SD-WAN. Utilizing Cisco Meraki cloud management platform and “zero-touch” network configuration technology, it greatly simplifies the IT network deployment of retail enterprises. No matter what kind of network connection (such as LTE, 5G, dedicated line, broadband service, etc.) is used, it is compatible one by one, helping enterprises to connect to different locations at high speed, ensuring the stability of network and IT applications, and bringing consumers a convenient and new experience.

Improve Store IT Management Efficiency with Cisco Meraki

In recent years, SD-WAN technology has matured, and it has entered the stage of mass deployment by mainstream enterprises. The use of HKT SD-WAN service and Cisco Meraki one-stop system management brings higher IT system visibility to enterprises and simplifies network deployment and management. Regardless of the size of the enterprise, you can enjoy the one-stop service of SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, firewall and network protection managed by HKT’s professional team in the form of a monthly fee.


▲Using Cisco Meraki to allow enterprise IT to be effectively managed in real time, and to see the performance of its network services at a glance

For example, when an enterprise deploys, it only needs to connect a new Meraki device in the store, without complicated settings, plug and play, which greatly reduces the deployment time and the workload of the IT department. In addition, Cisco Meraki’s efficient management platform automatically monitors, allowing enterprises to instantly understand the real-time status of each store’s network operation, application traffic, and VoIP call quality.

Professional 24 x 7 support team ensure safetyRapid deployment

In the era of digital transformation, more people with intentions are attacking corporate IT systems. In recent years, cyber threats have occurred frequently, and customer data has been stolen and leaked. Therefore, how can companies ensure network security and prevent hackers from interfering with company operations. important. HKT’s SD-WAN service uses Cisco Meraki’s advanced network security protection, including next-generation Layer 7 firewall, Cisco AMP with Threat Grid, Cisco SNORT IDS / IPS, Cisco Umbrella SIG (Secure Internet Gateway), etc., and is supported by HKT Network Operations Center A professional team monitors 24×7 to ensure the security of IT systems.

Since HKT’s SD-WAN service is charged on a monthly fee model, it can reduce capital expenditures for enterprises. In addition to providing customized support services for customers, EMS services also have a 24 x 7 dedicated line, with a dedicated team to answer different technical questions And provide technical support, even if there are service problems involving multiple suppliers or operators, the EMS team can also handle them on your behalf, speed up the problem solving, and help retail companies respond to market changes more quickly.

HKT helps companies manage their IT networks in a faster, safer and more reliable way in the post-pandemic era, allowing companies to spend more time focusing on business development. If you want to know more about the solution, you can make an appointment to meet with HKT experts to learn about and experience various advanced one-stop HKT SD-WAN services.

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