June 9, 2023
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Hideo Kojima’s “DEATH STRANDING 2” announced that the release date has not yet been released, and only the PS5 version will be released for the time being

Kojima Studio announced at The Game Awards ceremony that it will launch the studio’s second work “DEATH STRANDING 2” (Death Stranding 2). The game will land on the PlayStation 5 platform. The launch date has not yet been determined. It is temporarily unknown whether it will land on other platforms. .

Hideo Kojima revealed earlier that the next game will be in collaboration with American actress Elle Fanning and Japanese actress Shiori Kutsuna. The “Death Stranding 2” trailer announced at The Game Awards this time confirmed that in addition to the participation of the two stars mentioned above, the new work will also have French actor Léa Seydoux and Norman Reedus, who played the protagonist Sam in the previous episode. Performed in a new work.

The new work is expected to continue to write the story of “Death Stranding”. In the trailer, the protagonist Sam of the previous episode has white hair, and the plot is not yet known. I believe the only thing that remains the same may be that players still have to “deliver”.

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At present, “Death Stranding 2” is confirmed to be launched on the PlayStation 5 platform and will be produced using the Decima game engine developed by Sony Guerrilla Games. At present, the specific time to market has not been disclosed, and it is unknown whether versions for other platforms will be launched in the future.


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