June 7, 2023
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Heroes cherish heroes? Netflix CEO calls Musk the bravest man on earth | TechNews Tech News

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After Musk took over Twitter, he had a lot of turmoil. He first came to a wave of layoffs, and then in order to defend absolute freedom of speech, he allowed a lot of hate speech to spread and let fake news spread on Twitter, which made many advertisers jump. Boat pumping advertisements; and Musk went to Apple and Google (especially Apple) for the Twitter subscription system’s rake. Many people in the outside world think that Musk will only mess up Twitter, but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has a different view. He believes that Musk is the bravest man on earth.

Hastings praised Musk at the New York Times’ DealBook summit, saying he was “excited” about Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. He further stated that Musk is the bravest and most creative person on the planet, and what he has done in many fields is quite extraordinary.

Hastings agrees that people need to give Musk a break and stop being too critical of him; even if Musk has made some mistakes, he has good intentions. 100% believe that Musk is trying to help the world.

Immediately after Hastings’ talk came out, Musk also posted a message on his Twitter to thank Hastings for everything he said.

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