April 1, 2023
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Has iPhone battery life worsened after upgrading to iOS 16.1? Power consumption measurement: The images of the 5 models are not too big, only the iPhone 12 has regressed a little! – Urban Tech Story

A few days ago, iOS 16.1 was officially released, and whenever a new iOS operating system version is launched, in addition to whether there are new bugs, the most interesting thing is whether the battery life of the iPhone will decrease or become better after the upgrade.

Recently, the YouTube channel from iAppleBytes uploaded a video of the battery life measurement of 6 iPhone models through Geekbench 5 after upgrading to iOS 16.1.The results show that there is not much impact, only one iPhone’s battery life is a little bit backward

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Like the previous iOS 16.0.3, the 6 iPhone models used by iAppleBytes are:iPhone 8、iPhone SE 2020、iPhone XR、iPhone 11、iPhone 12与iPhone 13the Pro Max series can also be calculated from the results before and after the upgrade of the same generation.

The video first shows the battery health of each iPhone. The iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are all 100%, and the iPhone 8 and iPhone XR are all above 90%. Although the iPhone SE 2020 has dropped to 86%, it is still higher than Apple’s recommendation. Replace 80% of the battery, if your iPhone SE 2020 battery health is higher than this, the battery life may increase a little more:

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The automatic brightness adjustment of the 6 iPhones is set to off, and then the battery test mode of Geekbench is used to simulate the actual measurement. The battery power of the 6 iPhones is 100%:

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020 were the first to run out of power, providing 2 hours 53 minutes and 3 hours 29 minutes of battery life; followed by the iPhone XR’s 5 hours and 32 minutes, and the iPhone 11’s 5 hours and 46 minutes; while the iPhone 12 lasted 6 hours and 46 minutes, and the iPhone 13 reached 9 hours and 12 minutes.

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For the convenience of comparison, the following are the test results of iOS 16.0.3, the test method is the same, and it is also the 6 iPhones:

  • iPhone 8 went from 2 hours 56 minutes to 2 hours 53 minutes, 3 minutes less
  • iPhone SE 2020 went from 3 hours 32 minutes to 3 hours 29 minutes, 3 minutes less
  • iPhone XR went from 5 hours 28 minutes to 5 hours 32 minutes, 4 minutes more
  • iPhone 11 went from 5 hours 53 minutes to 5 hours 46 minutes, a loss of 7 minutes
  • iPhone 12 went from 7 hours 18 minutes to 6 hours 46 minutes, 32 minutes less
  • iPhone 13 went from 9 hours 19 minutes to 9 hours 12 minutes, 7 minutes less
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On the whole, most of the 6 iPhone models are not greatly affected, the difference is within 10 minutes, and there is basically no difference in use. Only the iPhone 12 is more obvious, and I am not sure what caused it. On the other hand, after the iOS16.1 upgrade this time, only the battery life of the iPhone XR released in 2018 has been slightly improved. You must know that the price of this model was relatively high that year. I didn’t expect that 4 years later, the performance is still so good.

However, I need to remind again that although the battery life does not seem to be much different, I am not sure whether there will be new bugs in the new version, so those who are not in a hurry can wait a few more days to see if there is any The new disaster situation will be decided.

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