March 27, 2023

Hans Niemann sues Magnus Carlsen and others for $100 million in defamation claims

Chess Grandmaster Hans Niemann sueFive-time world champion Magnus Carlsen and others claim $100 million for defamation. Niemann ended Carlsen’s 53-game unbeaten streak at the Sinquefield Cup in September. Carlsen then withdrew from the game, publicly accusing Niemann of cheating shortly before. Niemann, 19, admitted to cheating on online games twice, once at age 12 and 16, and denies cheating in offline games. later found Niemann cheated more online than he admitted, but its investigation report found no evidence of cheating in offline games. shut down Niemann’s account at the same time as the release of the investigation report. Niemann inindictmentIn accusing Carlsen and of conspiring to prevent him from entering the professional chess world, causing him a devastating loss.

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