March 30, 2023

Hairy crab retail also needs to inject new vitality into digital transformation, automated operations and sales solutions – Hong Kong

When it comes to the “Autumn of Appetite”, the highlight is of course the plump and creamy hairy crabs. This industry has always been traditional, and some companies have tried to introduce the latest technology to implement digital transformation, injecting new vitality into the retail of hairy crabs. Whether it is behind the operation or sales to customers, they have fully integrated automation technology. How to do it?

Traditional industries must keep pace with the times

The operating models of many traditional industries have worked well for a long time.As always, but the market has developed rapidly in just a few years, and the unchangeable operation can easily make the industry ageing and weaken the competitiveness of products. Taking hairy crabs, which are loved by men and women of all ages, as an example, with the sales channels of the digital age, and the use of automation technology to improve efficiency and save costs, the operation is even more complementary.

GreenTomato, a local technology company, saw the pain points of hairy crab retailing, and tried its best to launch the “818GO Creamy Hairy Crab” platform.818GO has implemented digital transformation from the inside out, allowing customers to place orders easily with “one machine in hand”. The automated system also greatly improves the efficiency of logistics and sales.

The scheme combines many advantages

One of the features of the “818GO Creamy Hairy Crab” platform this time is that the entire shopping process can be carried out on WhatsApp, and the entire process can be completed without going to the store to order, or even going to the online shopping platform to place an order.In addition, there are many friends participating in the dinner. It is not easy to accurately meet the needs of each person’s crab quantity. The “drop gate” system can easily “fold orders” with friends automatically to avoid confusion. After each purchase, you can even recommend it. Friends earn rebates and make good use of word-of-mouth marketing.

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GreenTomato has combined a lot of the latest technologies this time, and connected the API of logistics partner GOGOX and trading partner Tap&Go, so that the entire shopping process can be seamlessly integrated. Since all operations are automatically completed in the background without manual input, customers can enjoy a smooth shopping experience from preparation, purchase, payment to receipt; at the same time, frontline colleagues reduce the risk of errors caused by manual processing.

What is special about the “drop gate” system?

image 2

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This time, GreenTomato not only enhances the customer experience, but also makes good use of the latest technology in marketing, using Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology,Provide potential customer discovery, advanced redirection, conversion rate improvement and forecasting and other indispensable applications of digital marketing, which can be more accurate in market research and promotion, and reduce the waste of resources in advertising and promotion due to inaccurate goals.

GreenTomato’s Strategy Lead – Anthony Chung said: “Different brands want to increase the conversion rate and reduce the CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) when doing Marketing Campaigns, and we are no exception this time, so the first thing is Google Cloud helper.” He pointed out that Google Cloud’s AI (artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning (machine learning technology) can analyze customer behavior, retail trends, etc., reducing the waste of resources in advertising and promotion due to inaccurate goals. “We also combine the dedicated data from different platforms of GreenTomato, Google Analytics, Google Trends, etc. Public Dataset (public data set), so we can identify the most valuable customer groups, and then use them to develop Look-Alike Model (similar audiences) group), making market research and promotion very accurate.”

Keith Chow, COO of Hotmob, said: “This time we use Google Cloud’s AI and ML technology to use BigQuery ML with just 2 lines of SQL and combine the default event propensity and propensity model in Google Analytics 360. In this way, a preliminary analysis can be made to quickly understand and predict consumers’ purchase preferences and repurchase intentions. On this basis, Hotmob’s Data Team optimizes machine learning and model building, making the entire development cycle fast and simple.”

The potential of the program is infinite to be explored

The success of “818GO Creamy Hairy Crab” is just one of the application examples of digital transformation.In addition to online retail,Similar technologies can also bring considerable results in more different application scenarios. All walks of life have many untapped potentials, and the use of the latest technology can improve the shopping experience of customers, and enhance the efficiency of marketing and operation. GreenTomato’s experiment proves that even traditional industries can bring a whole new experience with appropriate digital transformation solutions.

Just use the link below to access WhatsApp,And send the first sentence with the coupon code to enjoy 10% off.

Buy a dozen (12 pcs) for free shipping

Buy enough 2 dozen (24 pieces) to get crab noodle dumplings or 2 tickets for the movie “Outdated · Festive”

Orders placed before 17:00 on the same day will be delivered to the house by GOGOX on the next day at the earliest

Creamy Hairy Crabs for sale at 818GO

All have a health certificate issued by the Food Safety Centre of the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

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