May 28, 2023

Google Translate suspends service in China, Hong Kong is temporarily unaffected – Hong Kong

Recently, some netizens in China discovered that the Google translation service has been discontinued in China, and the original website has also been replaced by the ordinary Google Search search page. The above changes have affected the use of Chrome browsers and When using the KOReader file reader, the translation function will not be available.

When netizens try to log in to the original Google Translate Chinese version website, the page will display the URL of Google Translate Hong Kong version, and the website will be bookmarked by netizens. The relationship between Google and the Chinese government is quite complicated. In 2006, they tried to provide search services in a way that cooperated with government censorship. However, due to the sensitive video content on YouTube, many Google services were blocked in China, and finally Google search services were withdrawn from China. .

During 2018 and 2019, there were rumors that Google tried to re-launch the search service in China, but it didn’t work. In response to a query from the site TechCrunch, Google acknowledged that the translation service was discontinued in China due to low local usage. At this stage, the services in Hong Kong are not affected, and the webpage and program version can be used normally.

Data and picture sources:techcrunch Mewe page:

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