April 1, 2023
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‘Google Street View’-style tour of Egyptian pyramids reveals 3D scans of interiors – Hong Kong unwire.hk

It is said that the Pyramid of Gufu in Egypt is the tomb of the King of Gufu in the Fourth Dynasty of ancient Egypt, which is of great historical and cultural significance. Recently, a newly launched website presents the interior of the Pyramid of Gufu by 3D scanning, allowing visitors to visit the Pyramid of Gufu freely in 3D by simply relying on the website.

website” Inside the Great Pyramid” The 3D scan image shown is provided by the Harvard Giza Project,After entering the website, visitors need to click “Enter Pyramid” at the bottom of the website to go to the next page. When the visitor’s point of view moves to the entrance of the pyramid, the website will display “You are standing on the bricks of the Pyramid of Guf. For the first time in history, you can explore the interior of the entire pyramid.” Then click “Next” to expand journey.

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Afterwards, you will see the cityscape of Cairo, the capital of Egypt, with information about the Nile River displayed on the screen. Visitors can choose to change the perspective and location, or click “Next” to continue the tour.

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The Pyramid of Gufu was built about 4,500 years ago and is about 146.6 meters high and 228 meters long on each side.At the right end of the interior of the Pyramid of Guf is the entrance, which extends towards the passage in the central part of the pyramid and branches to the upper and lower sides. The entire pyramid can be divided into three main parts, the “king’s bedroom” at the top, and the “queen’s bedroom” and “cellar” at the bottom, but the purpose of other places is unknown for the time being.img snap1994 m
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After passing through the passage extending from the entrance, the junction of the ascending passage and the descending passage is reached. The actual descending passage is often blocked off to visitors, but the descending passage in “Inside the Great Pyramid” is open to visitors 24/7. After passing through a long and narrow down passage, you will reach a place where you cannot go straight, and after a turn, you will reach a cellar about 30 meters below the ground. Although the purpose of the cellar is unknown, some archaeologists believe that the sarcophagus of King Gouf was originally buried here.

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This time, go back to the junction of the ascending passage and the descending passage, and then go to the ascending passage, and reach the branch of the king’s bedroom and the queen’s bedroom, and go down to the queen’s bedroom. Although it is called the queen’s bedroom, it is said that the queen’s body was never actually enshrined there. There is a gap of unknown purpose on the east wall of the bedroom, and there are several holes on the north and south walls that are estimated to be used for ventilation. .

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The passage to the king’s bedroom is a long upward slope, and then it will reach a flat place.The king’s bedroomThe giant door at the entrance is designed to prevent outsiders from invading. Behind the giant door is the king’s bedroom. There is only a granite sarcophagus hollowed out from the rock. Since the granite sarcophagus is larger than the entrance, it is said that the sarcophagus was brought in before the top of the tower was built. In order to protect the sarcophagus of King Guf from the weight of the pyramid, there are still several floors of the king’s bedroom. In the king’s bedroom, like the queen’s bedroom, there are some holes that communicate with the outside of the pyramid, which are used for ventilation on the north and south sides.

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The above is the inside of the Pyramid of Gufu opened by “Inside the Great Pyramid”. Click the icon at the bottom left of the screen to see a 3D map of the inner structure of the pyramid.

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Image credit: GIGAZINE


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