March 27, 2023

Google shares test guidelines on how to extend battery life on Pixel Watch

The officially announced battery life of electronic products often has a “watery” component, but most users of the Google Pixel Watch smartwatch launched earlier believe that the battery life matches the official claim. In order to help users further improve battery life, Google has disclosed the conditions under which they test the battery life of the Pixel Watch.

According to Google’s official website, the Pixel Watch has a 24-hour battery life, and the version tested is the 4G LTE version. Google states that 24 hours of battery life can be achieved under the following conditions of use:

  • Receive 240 notifications
  • Check time 280 times
  • Make a 5-minute LTE voice call
  • Workout with LTE connection and GPS while playing downloaded YouTube music for 45 minutes
  • Navigate with Google Maps for 50 minutes with Bluetooth connected to your phone
  • Use sleep tracking
  • Use the watch default settings and set the Always-on screen to off

Because Google uses the more power-hungry LTE version for testing, people who buy the Wi-Fi version of the Pixel Watch tend to get better battery life without an LTE connection. Google recommends that users turn off tilt-to-wake, GPS, and mobile connectivity to help improve battery life.

Data and picture sources:Google Mewe page:

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