June 2, 2023
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Google search for “New Year’s Eve” special effects and play AI opera house to control male and female voices to sing – Hong Kong unwire.hk

Google added an easter egg to the search engine again this year, just enter “New Year’s Eve” as a keyword in Google search (clicklinkImmediately look at the Google search results), you can see the special effects of colorful confetti falling from the top of the screen. In addition, this year Google has launched an AI music concert hall, where users can control AI to sing and add atmosphere to the festival.

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Just search for “New Year’s Eve” in Google (or click herelink), you can enter the “Blob Opera” concert hall. This concert hall uses machine learning technology to input the voices of tenor Christian Joel, bass Frederick Tong, mezzo-soprano Joanna Gamble, and soprano Olivia Doutney. The “Convolutional Neural Network” algorithm is calculated, and the computer sound output sounds like a human voice.

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There will be 4 balloons on the screen. Players can drag and drop these balloons up and down with the mouse or the mobile phone screen to play the music. The higher the balloon is pulled, the higher the pitch will be. And pulling it left and right can also change the vowel sung by the mechanical voice behind the balloon. Click on the lower right corner of the screen to choose other different holiday songs.

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Source: Google

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