March 25, 2023
0317 samsung 5 960

Google Project Zero finds 18 zero-day vulnerabilities on Samsung Exynos chips, affecting Samsung, Vivo and Google phones

The Google Project Zero team reported this week that they found 18 zero-day vulnerabilities in various Exynos modems produced by Samsung late last year and early this year, and the four most serious vulnerabilities would allow the remote end of the network to the baseband. Program attacks, and these 18 vulnerabilities have affected many mobile phones from Samsung, Vivo and Google, as well as wearable devices using the Exynos W920 chipset and cars using the Exynos Auto T5123. According to the test of the Project Zero team, these four serious vulnerabilities allow hackers to remotely compromise the user’s mobile phone. The hacker only needs to know the mobile phone number to launch the attack, and does not require user interaction at all, even with limited research and development , the team also believes that sophisticated hackers will be able to easily create attack programs that can quietly compromise mobile phones from a remote location without users noticing.

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