April 1, 2023
Gboard Bar 1

Google Japan released a product against the sky, and a stick does all the work | Urban Tech Story

It’s October, not April, but at this time the Google Japan team is handing over an April Fool’s Day assignment that is seriously suspected to be two years late.

As we all know, Google has never disappointed netizens, such as The MentalPlex idea search service in 2000:



In 2005, Google Gulp was even more IQ-boosting drink:

Google Gulp


The Google Nose fragrance database established in 2013, you can search for the smell you want to smell on the Google homepage:

Google Nose


And in 2014 Google Maps became a Pokémon map:

pokemon go maps


The “new gadget” Gboard Bar released a few days ago, Google’s taste is very heavy, even more than people’s perception of computer keyboards. The Gboard Bar is a multipurpose keyboard that Google engineers in Japan have spent months building.

With such a peculiar shape, even if you are not a keyboard enthusiast, you will want to “check it out”. Is it a ~ ~ ~ long ~ ~ ~ stick ~ stick ~ or stick? ruler? club?

No, it’s the keyboard. To tell the truth, social phobias express ecstasy, and having it, you can keep your distance from others.

Gboard Bar 5

Of course, social animals can also make the best use of everything, and it is no problem to even knock with four hands.

Gboard Bar 2


These are just basic gameplay. How peculiar the Gboard Bar is depends on how big the brain is.

The keyboard is only used for “typing”?

How long is the Gboard Bar? The MacBook Pro 17-inch keyboard is 28.8 x 12 cm. The length of the Gboard Bar is 165 × 6.4 cm, and in terms of length, it is about the length of 6 MacBook Pros.

Gboard Bar 6

too long? The original design is 240 cm. If the R&D team considers that it is inconvenient for one person to use, how could there be only 165 cm left! Unlike traditional keyboards, the Gboard Bar has 17 circuit boards consisting of 101 keys.

Gboard Bar 7

The Google Japan team believes that this arrangement is ergonomic and can also help your health. For office workers who have been in a fixed position for a long time, the Gboard Bar allows you to spread your arms and move your lumbar spine left and right. Single-line arrangement order, with the ESC key as the head, just remember the left and right positions.

Gboard Bar 8

The official also provides a sequential memory method: if the 16th button from the left is G, if it is too troublesome, you can also use coordinates to locate, and 23 cm from the left is the S button. Does it greatly reduce the trouble of looking for buttons in all directions when using, just check each button in turn in the future!

But how many people believe that this product really exists?

Such intimate design details, people who don’t know it think that it can improve work efficiency. Others’ keyboards have a single function and are useless except for typing. The Gboard Bar is different. After placing the order, you can immediately apply to the boss for a large table. After all, the size of the seat cannot accommodate such a long keyboard, so you can’t ask the next-door colleague to give way.

Gboard Bar 9

Never worry about a cluttered desktop with no place for your keyboard. It is enough to leave a width of 6.4 cm.

Gboard Bar 10

The point is that the Gboard Bar keeps the cat from getting the keyboard dirty. Even if it is dirty, it can be easily cleaned from left to right.

Gboard Bar 11

In addition to going to work, the Gboard Bar can also be used as a balance bar for tightrope walking:

Gboard Bar 12

It is better to use it as a lazy good at home. Turn off the lights, find the items the cat hides under the couch, and give it all to the Gboard Bar in the future!


Help your child measure their height, no need to buy a ruler again.

Gboard Bar 15

The Gboard Bar even has outdoor activities in mind. Install a net and instantly become a bug net:

Gboard Bar 3


It can also be used as a good trekking pole when climbing:

Gboard Bar 13

Are you excited about such a practical keyboard? Get your wallet ready!

It’s a pity that Google Japan has not announced when the Gboard Bar will be available, but this keyboard has its ownwebsiteopen source download, you can do it yourself if you want!

I can’t think of it, I can’t do it

The “super long” keyboard is not unusual for the Google Japan team. After all, the classic water glass keyboard and handwritten keyboard are still vivid in my mind, and each of them is an April Fool’s toy grade. Don’t look at these things that always seem confusing, but it seems reasonable to put them in real life.

google keyboard

Gboard Yunomi is the water glass keyboard.

Combining a teacup with a keyboard, inspired by the fact that water is easily spilled on the keyboard when typing, with it, this danger is solved immediately.

Gboard Yunomi e1665996104626


Although the cup is small, it has all the internal organs, with 12 electronic circuit boards and a total of 60 buttons. The keys are named sushi array SSI-SUSHI, arranged according to hiragana あいうえお. The Chinese characters next to the fish character of each button are still composed of 50 sounds of various fish, allowing Japanese users to quickly input the 50 sounds.

Gboard Yunomi 2

The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about getting the keyboard wet. The point is that in winter, Gboard Yunomi will become a warm warmer, so you don’t have to worry about your hands being too cold to type.

Gboard Yunomi 3

Of course, Google Japan’s brain hole keyboard has also appeared several incredible, the air keyboard in the picture below looks quite unreliable.

unnamed 4 e1665996111628


It can be used directly on the roll flute. According to the strength of the blowing force, you can judge what word you want to “type”, and use the infrared sensor to record it and transfer it to the mobile phone to help you free your hands.

Oct 13 2022 02 07 34

It is not recommended for those with poor lung capacity, and the old and practical traditional keyboard is fine. Imagine if there is a thousand-word report in front of you, you will die after blowing it.

Oct 13 2022 02 06 47

If you don’t want to type “by your mouth”, the player is right to write the keyboard and the spoon keyboard. The keyboard in front of you is not a keyboard, it’s your tablet. Just write by hand to display the desired text.

unnamed2 e1665996091883


ezgif 5 4843d6498f

However, Google Japan also imagines that this keyboard can be applied to mobile phones, abacus and other items.

ezgif 5 5c4a37bb51

But a spoon keyboard is simpler than a handwritten keyboard. Instead of hitting the keyboard with a spoon, you “bend” it with your hands.

unnamed 3 e1665996117408


The spoon keyboard looks simple, but it is easy to make a typo if the angle is wrong, because the corresponding English letters are displayed according to the angle, and the operation is all based on the feel.

Oct 13 2022 01 59 46

Google Japan also designed a keyboard for stressed office workers. The entire keyboard is covered with bubbles, which can be fully decompressed when pinched.

unnamed 1 e1665996097220


The appearance is similar to the usual bubble cloth, but the developer has pre-programmed it to recognize which letters are squeezed and input according to the bubble.

Oct 13 2022 02 04 06
Oct 13 2022 02 05 17

Some of these bubbles are also infused with Hawaiian and Antarctic aromas for stress relief! Anyway, as long as you dare to think about it, Google Japan can design it, but it seems that you can’t type after reading it.

Technology needs imagination to guide

Brain hole keyboard development is actually a tradition of Google’s Japanese team. For more than ten years, they have insisted on bringing the joy of spoofing to the public, and they are also known as “the New Year’s film in the field of design engineering”.

Although these products do not seem practical, it has to be said that the Japanese team really “fills in the blanks” for user needs. Don’t look at the small demand, but each is small enough to solve the problem of tasteless.

640 1 1

It’s very Google Japan. Google is not only a leader in search engines, but also a technology giant in developing products. It values ​​and pursues all kinds of novel ideas, and even encourages employees in other departments and the public to share interesting ideas through email.

640 2 1

Not only the Japanese team, but also the Google Doodle team and X Lab. The research project has nothing to do with the main business, but it is these brain holes that do not follow common sense, and the works can always give users a lot of happiness. X Lab’s Balloon Network is all about providing cheap and affordable internet services to rural and remote areas.

Project Loon e1557802699983

(Source:X lab

Smart Contact Lens, developed for diabetics, detects blood sugar.

smart lens 2 e1506495634804


Even though the idea is always said to be too outlandish and confusing, these designs never leave the core of solving the problem. Human intelligence is infinite, and many revolutionary inventions can help open the door to a new world. Technology itself needs to be guided by imagination, and many black technologies often come from whimsy. “So, never give up on any crazy idea.”

(This article is written by Ai Faner Reprinted with permission; source of the first image:Google

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