June 6, 2023

Google delays retirement of Manifest V2 extension again

Google is strongly promoting the controversial Manifest V3 extension. Compared with the Manifest V2 extension, the new version adds many restrictions that are beneficial to the search giant, such as restricting ad blocking extensions, and advertising is Google’s largest source of income. In order to accelerate the adoption of Manifest V3, Google has set a timetable for phasing out Manifest V2 extensions. But migrating from Manifest V2 to Manifest V3 is not easy, for example, Service Worker cannot use DOM functions and there is a hard limit on its lifetime. Google says it’s working on addressing these issues, and it’s again announcing that it’s postponing the retirement of the Manifest V2 extension to give developers enough time to update and test new extensions. Google has not yet announced the new Manifest V2 expansion phase-out schedule, saying that it will listen to more feedback from developers before March 2023.


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