June 6, 2023

Gogolook launched Roo AI, which uses generative AI technology to create an AI intelligent question-and-answer service. It not only answers local financial product information, but also reminds users to be careful of fraud according to questions

Three years ago, Gogolook launched a financial consulting service called Mr. Loan Mouse, which can help consumers identify all kinds of difficult-to-distinguish financial product information on the Internet and reduce fraudulent loans. Three years later, the number of monthly active users of the platform It has grown to 2 million people, and has also completed more than 10,000 one-on-one real-person online consultations and 50,000 loan matchmaking. In order to provide more diversified financial product consulting services, the company today (4/25) not only announced the new brand name of “Kangaroo Finance”, but also launched a new AI intelligent question-and-answer service based on ChatGPT’s generative AI technology “Roo AI”, not only can make the generated content close to the financial knowledge of Taiwanese consumers and provide more accurate information, but can even find out information that may lead to deception from the content of user questions and remind users, be careful not to be deceived! Although it is still a Beta version, users can already use the question-and-answer service.

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