June 6, 2023

Get rid of the shackles of the existing hyper-converged architecture and provide a more diverse combination of deployment types──The two major HCI comprehensive development “de-convergence”

For a long time, the biggest advantage of hyper-converged architecture in the field of enterprise IT – “computing and storage combined in a single chassis node” has now become an obstacle to further expand application scenarios. Although HCI is easy to deploy and manage, it also brings computing Interference with storage loads, lack of flexibility in resource expansion, etc., make it difficult to adapt to the needs of complex environments. As for the solution, it is “de-convergence”, so that hyper-converged computing and storage units can be deployed separately, which is the so-called “non-aggregated” hyper-converged architecture, in order to respond more flexibly and accurately to the needs of the user environment.

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