March 29, 2023
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“Genshin Impact” Online Concert Involved in Falsification

The ARPG game “Yuan Shen” developed by Chinese game developer Mihayou has been full of controversy since its launch in 2020. Some foreign netizens believe that the game has copied classics in all aspects, whether it is game content, character settings, gameplay and interface, etc. The Legend of Zelda series. A few days ago, an official online concert was held as part of the promotion of “Yuan Shen”, but it was accused of fraud.

Some netizens uploaded screenshots of the “Yuan Shen” online concert, pointing out that the performer’s electronic organ was not connected to the audio cable or even the power supply, questioning the fact that the concert was not a live performance, which gave people an unreal feeling. , and even some Chinese netizens suspected that it was a fake “posture”, which led to heated discussions among netizens, speculating whether the electronic keyboard had a built-in battery or had a wireless connection capability.

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As a result, some enthusiastic Chinese netizens found the manual of the electronic organ, and even checked with the manufacturer for verification, and confirmed that the electronic organ does not have a built-in battery, and must be connected to the power supply and audio cable. In the face of allegations of concert fraud, the official “Genshin Impact” has yet to publicly respond.

Data and picture sources:cnbeta Mewe page:

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