March 28, 2023
Garmin Malaysia 与 Loucase 宣布合作:推出趣味、健身主题限量手机配件,售价RM39起

Garmin Malaysia and Loucase Announce Collaboration: Fun, Fitness Themed Limited Edition Mobile Accessories, Priced From RM39

Garmin Malaysia announced a collaboration with local popular mobile phone case designer Loucase, inspired by Garmin Venu Sq 2, life, fitness, sports, and launchedA range of limited phone cases and Pop Socket (multi-functional phone holder)

Garmin Loucase 2111Garmin | Loucase series phone cases are made of high quality materials, durable and priced from RM 49.00. In addition, the mobile phone holder is priced at RM39.00. Garmin Loucase 1 副本111Garmin Loucase 5111

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