June 7, 2023
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[Future automotive application software deployment and management will set off a new revolution]Containers will set off the second software revolution of the car

The CES Consumer Electronics Show in the United States held in January every year has become the main stage for major car manufacturers to showcase the latest automotive technology and future cars. It is said that the container (Container) technology, which is popular in the IT circle, should be brought into the car. Although in the IT field, the development of container technology is quite mature, in response to the trend of automotive software, there have been many discussions about automotive software containerization in the automotive industry in recent years. environmental use. Therefore, when the news that Flowserve wants to support container technology in cars, it is particularly eye-catching. In fact, as early as many years ago, Mercedes-Benz proposed the concept of using containers to drive cars, but it could not be realized at that time. Now Volkswagen is one step ahead to complete it. Even Volkswagen is not a concept, but has already begun to implement it.

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