June 2, 2023
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From horse racing to Internet access, the digital process of claim settlement is deciphered

The difficulty in applying for claims from horse racing to the Internet is not the data exchange technology itself, but how to design a mechanism when exchanging these special data, which can not only simplify the complicated application process, but also maintain privacy, abide by laws and regulations, and manage funds. security risks, and to ensure the correctness of information. Launched at the end of last year and expected to be introduced by hospitals as soon as this year, the Insurance Claims Yiqitong 2.0 uses an interlocking authorization and certificate storage mechanism to ensure that these projects are all completed. Analysis of the operation process of Yiqitong 2.0 Insurance claims Yiqitong service version 2.0, if the policyholder is an insurance passbook member launched by the Life Insurance Association, he can use this account as identity authentication to authorize the insurance company and hospital to exchange medical treatment and claim settlement applications online Information, and one-stop filing of claims for multiple insurance companies.

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