March 28, 2023
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From concave hull to alpha shape

Scatter a set of points on a two-dimensional plane. If you want to build a hull to surround these points (more than three points, because two points are degenerated into lines), the vertices of the hull must come from the scattered points. At this time , what should we do? Think of the points as nails nailed to the board. To build such a shell, the easiest way is to stretch the rubber band to cover all the nails. The shell with randomly scattered points is formed by wrapping rubber bands. It will be the shell with the smallest perimeter among all kinds of shells. It must be a convex polygon, that is, the sides will not intersect with themselves, and the interior angles are all less than or equal to 180 degrees. Polygons without holes are called convex huls, which are often translated as “convex hull” or “convex hull” in Chinese.

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