June 7, 2023
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From cameras to smart control, Taiwan’s security control upgrade road | Urban Tech Story

rotary camera 1316677 1920

Taiwan’s security control industry started with the manufacture of various cameras and monitor systems. In the past few years, due to the integration of AI systems for card position monitoring by Chinese manufacturers including Dahua and Hikvision, and the international price war, Taiwan security control factory Excruciatingly miserable.

In the past year or two, Taiwan’s security control industry has finally ushered in the business opportunity of transferring orders from Chinese systems banned by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). In the past few years, the “Staying Practice” has improved the integration of software and hardware, and provided customers with “smart management” services with an integrated system. It has proved that only continuous technological upgrading is the right way for the long-term development of enterprises and industries.

The security control system uses various monitors as the “eyes” of the system. The information obtained must be calculated by the back-end system to determine that it meets the needs of the customer’s installation system application field, and make appropriate warnings and notifications. Therefore, in fact, the “security control system” has developed to a higher degree of integration, which is to provide a “smart management” system ranging from home spaces, transportation vehicles, to commercial buildings, factories, and even urban streets. How to develop appropriate AI Identifying information with warning value in images has also become the focus of continuous investment by Taiwan security control factories in recent years.

As far as the security control factory is concerned, the main product is the digital security monitoring system, which must include core technologies such as image capture, image analysis, image compression, image processing, etc., in order to provide customers with monitoring solutions with intelligent application value. At the same time, Parity continues to integrate monitoring and identification technologies, and has developed products including license plate recognition systems, digital monitoring systems and point-of-sale (POS) systems, as well as ATM and access control systems, network monitoring systems and other related solutions. The plan is to develop towards the network and intelligence, integration and central monitoring.

In addition to playing a key role in Delta’s building automation business group with its security control system, Delta’s subsidiary Jingrui has also stepped up its efforts to integrate AI and camera systems in recent years. This year, it launched a smart cloud monitoring service during the exhibition in the United States. “VORTEX”, software adopts a subscription-based sales model, and strives to gain a niche in the security control system hardware market with integrated services of cloud software. According to the information provided by Jingrui, Jingrui’s VORTEX system integrates software, hardware and AI technologies in the field of security control, and upgrades the entire system “cloud” to cloud monitoring services in one fell swoop, which is also the transformation of Jingrui into a new business model, The first step in the software subscription system.

The AI ​​image analysis technology that Jingrui has been actively developing in recent years allows the VORTEX system to accurately detect and distinguish objects from people and vehicles, and analyze the corresponding attributes of the objects, including gender, clothing color, body color, backpack and hat, etc. Technology can also become more precise as more analytical data feeds back. The analyzed “meta” data is stored in the cloud and converted into searchable and quantifiable information. After Deep Search calculation, it is also expected to say goodbye to the past security control industry that required a lot of manpower and time to review images. situation.

In addition to strengthening the development of optical components, mechanical components, electronic parts and modules at the manufacturing end, the winning products that Chisda has invested in, strive to grasp the business opportunities of replacement and transfer orders arising from the introduction of NDAA. Its security control system calculates The improvement of the law has been designated by Shengpin as an area of ​​active strengthening in the next three years. At the same time, Victory is also striving to develop a system centered on security cameras, and continues to increase the number of systems including access control systems, cameras with multiple sensors, multi-image cameras and multi-camera image integration systems. Construction, etc., to push its own product technology to a higher level.

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