March 25, 2023
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From 1/11, the new “Visit Japan Web” teaching is designated for entry into Japan, and the quarantine and entry inspection are carried out at one time.

The Visit Japan Web site is officially launched, replacing the “MySOS” mobile app previously used to assist in quarantine. Now users only need to use the web version of “Visit Japan Web” to go through “Quarantine”, “Entry Inspection”, “Customs Declaration” and so on. Here’s how to use the new website.

2022 11 01 19.03.22

The main process is as follows:

Step 1 Register an account

Step 2 Fill in the information about visiting Japan

Step 3 Fill in personal information and upload passport

Step 4 Fill out the WEB question form

Step 5 Submit proof of vaccination or test results within 72 hours

Step 6 Get the QR code required for entry


Step 1 Register an account

The user can complete the registration on the mobile phone/computer. First you need to create an account, which can be created using an email address.


2022 11 01 19.07.57

2022 11 01 19.08.06

Step 2 Fill in the information about visiting Japan

You need to register your personal information, and you can also register your family’s information at the same time. The input information includes passport information, the scheduled time of entering and leaving Japan, and the liaison office in Japan after entering Japan (if any, fill in at will).

2022 11 01 19.08.24

2022 11 01 19.08.47

Step 3 Complete quarantine procedures (upload passport)

After that, you can choose to do quarantine, entry inspection, and customs declaration procedures. The first is the quarantine procedure. If you register for express customs clearance, you can use express lanes when entering the country, saving the time required for entry.

2022 11 01 19.09.55

2022 11 01 19.38.27

▲ There will be 4 options in the list, including passport, WEB question form, vaccination certificate, and test result certificate within 72 hours before going abroad.

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▲In this part, you need to take a photo of your travel document with your mobile phone.

Step 4 Fill out the WEB question form

In the list you need to register, after completing the “Passport” item, select “WEB Question Form”. , the questions include whether you have been in contact with new crown patients recently, the countries and regions you have recently visited, etc.

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Step 5 Submit proof of vaccination or test results within 72 hours

After completing the “Web Questionnaire”, you need to submit one of the “Vaccination Certificate” and “Test Result Certificate within 72 hours before leaving the country”. The same as when registering the passport above, you can take photos for the relevant certificates.

If you choose to submit a Certificate of Vaccination:


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If you choose to submit a “certificate of test results within 72 hours before leaving the country”

you need to enter

① Date and time of collection

(2) 72 hours after the date and time of the test will be displayed automatically.

③ Detection type: select

④ Inspection method: select

⑤ Test result: select

⑥ Click “Browse”, after attaching the picture of the test certificate, confirm that the file name is displayed, and then click “Next” to confirm.

50439fced417e8f2b6299ba4cbda57748965f082 2022 10 21T01 59 59Z

Step 6 Get the QR code required for entry

After completing the above quarantine steps and uploading all required images, you will need to wait for the Japanese side to complete the real-person review before your registration will take effect. The left picture below is the screen before passing the review. If your information passes the review, the page status will appear blue, as shown on the right below.

2022 11 01 19.31.25

Step 7 Confirm entry information and customs declaration

After that, you can go back to the homepage, click “Foreigner Entry Record”, and then go to the customs declaration below. In the “Foreign Entry Record”, the personal information you have entered in Step 2 will be displayed. In addition, you need to register the purpose of entry, flight number and other information.

2022 11 01 19.35.02

2022 11 01 19.51.44

2022 11 01 19.53.08

▲After completing the information input, you can get the “QR code for immigration inspection”

Step 8 Use Visit Japan Web Offline

But if you think you can’t access the Internet immediately at the airport, you can click “Use Visit Japan Web in Offline Status” below and add an icon to the desktop. You can use all the QR codes you have already obtained for immigration without an internet connection.

2022 11 01 19 58 532

2022 11 01 20.00.06

Although entrants can choose to fill in the physical registration form and submit the required quarantine certificate when entering the country, if you are worried that the quarantine certificate will not be accepted by Japan, or there are other accidents, it is recommended to register in advance through the above method, through the Japanese manpower Approval, so that when you enter Japan, you can be faster and more assured.

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