May 28, 2023
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Foxconn Stops Closed-Loop Management of iPhones, Cancels Epidemic Prevention Restrictions at Major Plants- Hong Kong

Chinese media recently reported that Foxconn’s main iPhone factory has lifted most of the restrictions related to COVID-19. Not only can employees move freely, but Foxconn has also ended the closed-loop management that restricted employees between the dormitory and the factory park. The factory canteen has also reopened, but the previously offered free meals have also ceased.

According to reports, Foxconn will deduct food expenses from employees’ salaries, but ordinary workers will receive a daily food subsidy of RMB 15 from December 16 to 31. As for COVID-19 patients living in the company’s designated isolation area, they will receive Free meals are provided. Although most of the restrictions related to the epidemic have been lifted, Foxconn has to face many problems, including the possible increase in the number of employees infected with the epidemic, and the shortage of workers.

Analysts at the analysis agency IDC believe that Foxconn must take more measures to appease its employees in addition to using economic compensation. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory in October, production capacity has dropped significantly, affecting the shipment of the iPhone 14 Pro. Now the supply has improved, but consumers still have to wait for about a month to buy it.

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