June 6, 2023
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Foxconn spends $500 million to expand production capacity in India in line with Apple strategy

For a long time, many of Apple’s products, especially the iPhone, have been assembled by Foxconn, and most of its production plants are located in China. However, due to the epidemic and unstable political relations in recent years, the risk of over-reliance on Chinese production has emerged. In order to cooperate with Apple’s risk diversification strategy, Foxconn recently invested US$500 million in India to increase local production.

Foxconn recently announced plans to spend $500 million to increase production capacity in India, after announcing plans to invest in new plants in the Czech Republic and northern China last week. To a large extent, this is to cooperate with its main customer Apple’s production dispersion plan to reduce the risk caused by a single production area. The previous blockade and demonstrations at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou caused chaos in Apple’s iPhone production, and even caused shortages to miss the timing of the Christmas shopping season.

Foxconn itself already has a production base in India to assemble iPhones. In addition to supplying the local market to avoid tariffs on imported products, some Indian-made iPhones have also begun to be exported overseas. In the future, they plan to expand their production lines and add products such as iPads. However, even with increased investment, it will still take a very long time to catch up with China in terms of production scale.


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