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Foxconn ramps up subsidies for Valley iPhone production to $215 a day, $5,400 a month

According to the “Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily” report, from November 1st to 30th, the attendance allowance for all employees of Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant will be increased to 200 yuan (about HK$215) per day, and the original full-attendance reward policy will be terminated. .


The new policy of attendance subsidy will be calculated based on the cumulative number of days of attendance in the month. Employees who work for 15 days or more but less than 20 days will receive a subsidy of 3,000 yuan; those who work for more than 20 days or more but less than 25 days will receive a subsidy of 4,000 yuan; For 25 days or more, a subsidy of HK$5,000 (approximately HK$5,393) will be given. The conditions for the issuance of attendance subsidies are that the attendance allowance must meet the requirements of no leave, absenteeism, scheduled leave, late arrival and early departure not more than 30 minutes, and the daily attendance time is not less than eight hours. The full-attendance reward shall be granted on the basis of meeting the above-mentioned attendance conditions and the accumulated attendance reaches the corresponding number of days.


In terms of epidemic subsidies, according to the current epidemic prevention policy, “returning” employees must be quarantined in their hometown for seven days. If employees are willing to stay in the port area for self-isolation, the port area will provide a living allowance of 300 yuan per person per day, for a total of 7 days. 2100 yuan. After the quarantine period expires, if the nucleic acid test result is negative, you can choose to return to work. The company stated that it has formulated various incentive measures, and you can also choose to “return home”.


source:Financial Associated Press

Image Source:chinatimes

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