March 25, 2023
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Foreign media: The transfer speed of the new iPad is only USB 2.0, and the USB-C socket is changed, but the speed is the same as Lightning

The 10th-generation iPad has been released for a period of time, and the progress is obvious, attracting some fans to switch, but some foreign media pointed out that the transmission speed of the 10th-generation iPad updated with USB-C is basically the same as that with Lightning. Only 480Mbps, which is the transfer speed of USB 2.0.

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▲ 10th generation iPad (Image source: Apple)

The foreign media The Verge found in the latest 10th-generation iPad evaluation that the new iPad converted to a USB-C jack has only 480 Mbps. The Lightning transmission speed level seems to have only changed to meet EU requirements, but it has not actually made much progress.

At the Council of the European Union held earlier, members formally approved the draft of USB Type-C as a universal charging standard, and then submitted it to the Official Journal of the European Union for publication. This example will take effect 20 days after publication and will be implemented 24 months later. The bill stipulates that all electronic products listed in the EU must use USB Type-C as the charging specification. It is believed that Apple will gradually switch to the USB Type-C socket when the bill is introduced.

source:The Verge Mewe page:

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