March 29, 2023
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Foreign media news: Hong Kong Tesla 2022.40.1 removes the function of the CAM recording segment of the playback car

According to foreign media sources, one of the many changes made in the Tesla 2022.40.1 update is for the Hong Kong market. That is, it will remove the function of viewing the in-car video recording system when parking.

Many friends must pay attention to the installation location when installing the on-screen “car CAM” driving recorder to avoid breaking the law. It is reported that in the 2022.40.1 update, Tesla will remove the function that Hong Kong Tesla vehicles can play the video of the in-vehicle video system when they are parked, in order to comply with legal requirements. For the same reason, Tesla has already removed features such as Tesla Arcade and Toybox in Hong Kong.

According to Hong Kong law, if the dash cam can play pre-recorded video, it must not be installed anywhere in front of the driver’s seat, where the driver can see the screen from the driver’s seat, or the driver can access the controls of the video display from the driver’s seat. the place of the device, otherwise it is illegal.

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