June 2, 2023
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Following Android’s update cycle, Google promises annual Wear OS upgrades

Since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015, Apple has followed the way of iOS to provide watchOS with a yearly upgrade, adding new features or interface revisions to the system. On the other side, Wear OS by Google, which was originally renamed Wear OS by Android Wear in 2018, has only launched 3 major versions so far.

After Google released its own Pixel Watch smartwatch earlier, it confirmed that it will treat Wear OS with an annual upgrade. In an interview with the technology website WIRED, Björn Kilburn, director of product management for Wear OS, said that he would follow the Android practice and launch a new version every year. One of the reasons is to synchronize with mobile devices. When important new features are added to Android, they also Bring it to watches and wearables.

Wear OS will still maintain quarterly updates, and new versions will be launched once a year. Starting with Wear OS 3, the updates will be provided by watch manufacturers. In other words, whether to push updates to users is up to the manufacturers. Just like non-Pixel Android phones.

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