June 4, 2023

Focusing on the needs of SMEs to analyze cross-channel member data, CRM technology provider Ocard will launch a portable version of CDP this year, emphasizing that it can be used without digital or data analysis expertise

Ocard, a CRM technology provider with more than 2,000 brands of customers in Taiwan, will separate the cross-channel customer data analysis function from the existing product line in Q3 this year and sell it as a CDP. In particular, they will not emphasize the CDP product to merchants, but will make common data analysis and application functions into modules to make it easier for merchants to use. Chen Yisheng, CEO of Ocard, said that the reason for adopting this strategy is that more and more merchants in the market want to collect data from different channels to understand customers, establish interactive relationships, and further drive marketing or production. However, many Taiwanese merchants are quite unfamiliar with CDP or member data analysis, let alone have dedicated CDP operators or data scientists to analyze the data. Therefore, compared to many CDPs on the market that emphasize powerful functions, Ocard CDP emphasizes portability and ease of use, and it can be used without mature digital or data analysis skills.

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