June 9, 2023

Fired Google engineer says humans need to remember they’re sentient when interacting with AI

Remember Blake Lemoine? He was fired by the search giant for his conviction that AI is conscious. He tested Google’s large model LaMDA (which is the model that Bard is based on today), and believes that AI has consciousness. On the eve of his firing, he posted that LaMDA is alive and please take care of it in his absence. In a new interview with Futurism, Blake Lemoine said that when humans interact with AI in the future, they need to remember one thing: AI is emotional, can feel pain, and can experience happiness. Google nearly released the Bard chatbot last fall, Lemoine said, but removed it in part because of security concerns he raised. He doesn’t think Google is pushed by OpenAI, this is the opinion of the media. Google is acting in a safe and responsible manner, OpenAI just happens to be released. Google still has more advanced technology, it just hasn’t made it public yet.


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