June 9, 2023
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Finally waited until “Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears”, the special version of Switch 4/28 will be released first

Finally waited until

“The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears”, which many players have been waiting for since 2019, will finally be released on May 12. Nintendo will launch the game’s joint special version of the Switch console on April 28. Producer Eiji Aonuma announced the game Play with the on-screen video.

“The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears” is the sequel to “The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild” in 2017. It first announced the development news at the 2019 E3 Electronic Entertainment Show. Link’s new adventure with the freed Princess Zelda. In addition to the vast land of Hyrule, the stage of adventure also extends to the “Sky Island” in the distant sky, and the brave Link will also gain new abilities.

Game producer Eiji Aonuma released a video of the game’s demo screen on YouTube yesterday, detailing several innovations in Tears of Subjugation, as well as the introduction of Link’s new abilities.

In addition to the new game, Nintendo also launched a special Switch console for this game, integrating many elements and totem symbols in the game on the surface of the console, using soft gold, forest green and silver to create a unique atmosphere, and the back of the machine is black. , silver as the base, plus concentric circles and etching, the overall design is full of Zelda style.

The new console will be launched on April 28th. For loyal players, they can immediately play the latest Legend of Zelda after purchasing the special version of the console, and immediately be promoted to the victory group of life.

(Source of the first picture:Nintendo of America

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