May 28, 2023

“Final Fantasy XVI” is accused of only white Naoki Yoshida: the game is based on historical creation – Hong Kong

The popularity of “Final Fantasy” has always been high. A few days ago, the official announced that they would create a sequel “Final Fantasy XVI” for this series. Recently, the producer Naoki Yoshida, the director, and the screenwriter accepted foreign media interviews to disclose the details of the game, but they were caught by the media. Ask questions about “people of color” in the game.

Because “Final Fantasy XVI” did not incorporate elements of “multiculturalism” and “people of color”, it also caused a lot of repercussions on the Internet when the news was released. When the game producer Naoki Yoshida responded to the media interview, he was asked why the game did not incorporate elements of “multiculturalism” and “people of color”. And Yoshida Naoki said that the design concept of “Final Fantasy XVI” has always been characterized by medieval Europe, so it combines the popular history, culture, politics, and human beings as standards, and if it includes diverse characters, it may be Make the game violate the narrative boundaries set at the beginning.

Yoshida Naoki also pointed out that for the above reasons, the game team does not want to assign “special races” to the villains or protagonists in the game, so as to avoid unfounded inferences.

The game team also stated that the current development level of “Final Fantasy XVI” has reached 95%, and it is expected to be released on the PS5 platform in the summer of 2023.

Data and picture sources:GAMES Hub

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