May 28, 2023

“Final Fantasy XVI” Brazil rated adult game contains violence, sexual content is equal to Europe 18 banned

The trailer for Final Fantasy XVI received a provisional rating of 18 from the Pan-European Games Information Organization (PEGI). Recently, the Brazilian Rating Board rated Final Fantasy XVI as 16+ and pointed out the bad content in the game.

Final Fantasy XVI, developed by Japanese video game developer Square Enix, has been warned by the Brazil Rating Board’s rating system for violence, gore, torture, sex, partial nudity, and drug use, as well as hate crimes, attempted rape, or sexual coercion The plot may cause widespread controversy. For the convenience of the public, the Brazilian Rating Board has listed the potentially offensive content of “Final Fantasy XVI” in detail, and labeled the appropriate age restriction next to each content:

Weapon Violence (10)

sex appeal (12)

violence (12)

Illegal drug use (12)

Violent descriptions (12)

Sexually suggestive (12)

bodily harm (12)

Swearing (12)

Sexual Language (12)

blurry nudes (12)

blood (12)

Victim’s Pain (12)

Porn (14)

Stigma/Prejudice (14)

Intentional homicide (14)

nude (14)

Prostitution (14)

fucked (14)

hate crime (16)

Rape/Sexual Harassment (16)

Suicide (16)

Torture (16)

gratuitous violence / trivialized violence (16)

source:Wccftech Mewe Page :

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