June 6, 2023
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Fast charging hurts the battery? The blogger spent two years with 40 mobile phones to measure: After 1 and a half years/500 cycles, the health is basically not affected! – Urban Tech Story Version

As fast charging becomes more and more powerful, the public has more and more doubts about whether such specifications will cause battery life to increase. Now, finally, a third-party measurement has produced relatively more credible results!

Mobile phones are important life partners and social entertainment centers for many people. I believe that even financially free people who have the ability to change flagships painlessly at any time, it is still necessary to replace mobile phones due to factors such as battery life that affect performance and usage time. It will be very troublesome.

Then, for the student groups or newcomers in society whose mobile phones are almost equal to their most precious possessions, it is not an exaggeration to be extremely concerned about the key points of maintaining mobile phones.

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Because of this, I believe that many people will feel that the experience will deteriorate due to the decline in battery life after encountering the decline in battery health of old mobile phones, and they are more afraid of facing the problem of automatic shutdown without warning. You may also be wondering: what did you do wrong? I started to blame myself for not using fast charging so often; or starting to use or charge the phone without waiting for the phone to maintain the optimal charging percentage; or not charging at 100% all the time.

But in fact, do these so-called secret recipes for battery maintenance have any meaning in the modern era when fast-charging black technology eruption and mobile systems are more perfect for battery maintenance technology? Or if it is done, how much impact will it have on the health of the battery in the long run? Is it worth the user’s strict enforcement of what some see as masochistic phone usage?

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Recently, from Bilibili’s “Hi Teacher, My Name Is Classmate He” channel, published aIt has lasted for more than 2 years since October 2020, and the intermediate experiment process has failed 3 times. The actual measurement of the long-term impact of various charging methods such as fast charging on the health of mobile phone batteriesand finally have “Fast charging hurts the battery? Two-year experiment on 40 mobile phones tells you the best charging method” video results.

From the initial failure experience of comparing the difference between fast charging and slow charging with only four iPhones (the result is too different to draw conclusions), and finally with the help of various parties including the charging head network, I finally used 40 iPhones After two years of experimenting with mobile phones, I came to a conclusion——Basically unaffected!

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The experiments were compared The difference in health between iPhone and Android fast charging and slow charging after 1.5 years and 500 cycles. What is more amazing is that the difference of the former is even bigger than that of the Android fast charging group with up to 120W fast charging.iPhone is 0.5%, Android is only 0.3%

Although there is a difference between the two, but with such a small gap, the blogger believes that fast charging does not particularly damage the battery.

In addition, the blogger also measured the difference between using the mobile phone without plugging in the charger for a week, and keeping it in the range of 30% to 80%. Basically, he thinks that the former has no effect, while the latter can be seen to be helpful (the iPhone and Android control groups, the health of the fast charge “decrease” by 4% and 2.5% respectively),But it takes a very long time to maintain this habit to see a significant difference

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It should be noted that the time of this experiment is drawn to 1.5 years and the difference between fast charging is only a decimal point, and it is the result of repeated use rather than comprehensive use. Therefore, the blogger believes that some habits of maintaining batteries seem to have no effect except to increase mental internal consumption. However, he, who once regarded his mobile phone as his most precious treasure, expressed empathy for the reasons why many people do so.

In fact, with the ultra-explosive fast charging specifications above 120W, in fact, under the intervention of various mechanisms of the mobile phone factory, it will only have such power for a short time. Under these experiments, it also proves that the software and hardware of modern mobile phones have already attached great importance to the protection mechanism of battery health.

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Some good habits of battery maintenance have actually had minimal impact. At least when most people change phones, it should be difficult to encounter a decline in health. On the other hand, the ease of maintenance of the battery is now required by the regulatory authorities, and if it is really encountered, it can usually be repaired and replaced with a new one.

I believe that even if you want to keep your favorite phone for a long time, at least in terms of charging habits, you can rest assured that you can leave it to the relevant mechanism to help you maintain it. For example, you will slowly charge from 80% to full when you wake up overnight. The power optimization function, remember to keep it on when it can be turned on normally!

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