June 2, 2023
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[Expert Opinion: High-end training by the chairman of the Asia-Pacific Marketing Digital Transformation Alliance Association]Use commodity consumption frequency to analyze personalized demand cycles, and more timely promotions to maintain member activity

In order to analyze member consumption data, supermarkets define active members as members with recent consumption records. This is the frequency of visits to the store to define activity. However, Gao Gaoxun, chairman of the Asia-Pacific Marketing Digital Transformation Alliance Association, who has experience in managing large brands such as Wangpin, said that supermarkets only look at the frequency of store visits to see that member activity is not detailed enough. To actively maintain the activity level of members, we should take the frequency of product consumption as the unit and conduct marketing according to the individual demand cycle for different products, so as to firmly grasp each member’s needs. The high-end training divides member activity into three states according to consumption frequency and product demand cycle: active, ready to hibernate, and hibernate. Active members will purchase goods in each demand cycle. If more than 1 demand cycle has not been consumed, they will enter the standby hibernation state, and more than 3 demand cycles will enter the hibernation state. He believes that it is difficult for members to wake up once they enter a dormant state, so supermarkets should be alert when members enter a dormant state, and carry out corresponding promotions for members as soon as possible to awaken members’ demand for products.

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